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Acoustical Ceiling Materials



Availability: 1'x1' tiles, 2'x2', and 2'x4' mineral fiber panels, 2'x2' and 2'x4' fiberglass panels, EPS melt away panels (call for a complete list of textures and styles available. Specialty sizes are also available upon request)

Application: For use with installation of 1'x1' tile ceilings and suspended ceilings



Availability: Aluminum cap and fire rated - 9/16 inches and 15/16 inches - 2 feet and 4 feet cross Ts, 12 feet main runners, 12 feet wall angle (white, black, gold, and walnut) (special orders available upon request)

Application: For use with installation of suspended ceilings



Availability: 20 - 12 gauge (12 feet - 200 feet rolls)

Application: For use primarily with installation of suspended ceilings



Availability: Self-tapping screws, pop-rivets, lag-eyes and lag-eye driver

Application: Securing suspended ceiling grid to outer wall framing, ceiling joists, and grid-to-grid



Availability: Main runner splices, outside corners, beam clips, hold down clips, easy-up kits, 1'x1' tile adhesive

Application: Accessories for installation of 1'x1' tile and / or suspended ceilings. Accessories may vary based on style of grid and panels used


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